Our mission is to support cultural transformation in our society, and work for social unity, by providing spiritual care. Also, by providing spiritual care, our goal is to support social engagement, cultural adjustment, and so that social wellbeing has supported. Also, we support individuals' transformation to new understanding and to help people connecting with these new ways of perceptions.

Today, diversity is rising in cultures, and we are living in a pluralistic society. Secularity takes a big part of social concept in Canada, and being religious are losing the significance of its' role. We are transforming to a new normal that identifies as being spiritual.

What is new normal? New normal is a unified culture that is a combination of diverse, secular, pluralistic cultural understanding, while holding the traditional social, political, and religious practices. So, new normal holds on old thinking, understanding, feeling and behaving, while carrying on new perspectives and customs. The new leads us to integrate in to this normal that represents the needs and expectations of our culture at the recent time. This is a transformation in culture that includes social, political and religious changes in a timely manner.

Of course, new normal brings challenges together. Because, these normal pushes us to change, and pushes us to accept these changes in our lives. These new normals bring the need to adopt to differences, different concepts, ideas, beliefs, traditions, and thoughts. These new things make us to feel anxious, so it may lead to distress, or we may resist to accept to change. All these things may cause confusion. Therefore, we need support to change, we need support to adopt. We help individuals in their emotional needs and help them in their transition times.

Therefore, our mission is providing support in social matters, and helping individuals to create connection within their social settlements. As well, our mission is providing innovative services to support people's curiosity, intelligence, passion to live within their best version. Because human evolution does not stop and we help people to develop better ways of understanding themselves, and so and help their mindfulness allow opening doors to reach their highest potential to comprehend the best communication in society.